Clinical Units

  • Clinical Speech Therapy (Prof. C. Maillart)
  • Cognitive Psychopathology (Prof. M. Van der Linden)
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Clinical Psychology (Prof. S. Blairy)
  • Neuropsychology (Prof. T. Meulemans)
  • Neuropsychology of Language and Learning (Prof. M. Poncelet)
  • Psychology and Education of the Disabled Person (Prof. J.J. Detraux)
  • School Psychology (Prof. S. Frenkel)
  • Voice disorders speech therapy (Prof. D. Morsomme)
  • Adult Clinical Psychology (Prof. D. Naziri)
  • Aging Clinical Psychology (Prof. S. Adam)
  • Children and Teenagers Clinical Psychology (Prof. J.M. Gauthier)
  • Delinquency Psychology and Psychosocial Development (Prof. M. Born)
  • Health Psychology (Prof. A.M. Etienne)
  • Systemic Psychology (Prof. S. D'Amore)


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