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The Psychological and Speech therapy consultation center (CPLU) is part of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Liège. The CPLU is a multidisciplinary clinic and represents a dynamic collaborative community of practitioner/scholars committed to providing high quality speech and language therapy and psychological services to individuals and families. Moreover, the CPLU is a teaching and research center for activities with clinical psychology and speech and language therapy.Read more...

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Atelier de formation

14/12/2017  —  15/12/2017

Diminuer les difficultés de comportement chez l'enfant : Comment intervenir auprès des parents ? See More...
Atelier de formation

14/11/2017  —  21/11/2017

Evaluation de l'attachement chez le jeune enfant See More...
Atelier de formation

03/10/2017  —  10/10/2017

Interactions parent-enfant : Evaluation et outils cliniques See More...
Atelier de formation

01/10/2017  —  30/04/2018

Evidence-based Practice See More...
Ateliers - Réalité virtuelle

15/09/2017  —  27/10/2017

Atelier d'initiation et de formation à destination des professionnels
  • CPLU (salle à définiti
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