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_«Pertes et Reconstructions Identitaires des Foyers Post-Divorce»_ September 7, from 2pm, Room conseil (Building B31) Sart Tilman Campus parking 16
The list of ULg National Science Fondation (FNRS) recipient 2016 is here

JUNE 2016


The Center for Teaching and Research on Environment and Health welcome you on June 23 Quai Timmermans, 14 (2nd floor) - Bldg. T1 - 4000 LIEGE


Mental rumination: From a combined cognitive bias hypothesis towards a transdiagnostical understanding of psychological disorders. June 7, 2pm Building B32, Room Duykaerts Sart Tilman Parking P16.

MAY 2016


This prize recognizes scholars at the early stage of their career whose research has the potential to make a major contribution to psychometric research


Virginie Christophe, PhD student in Psychology, have presented her work: Erreurs de prédictions affectives : mythe ou réalité ? in the final competition on May 26, Passage 44 Brussels


Du langage oral à la compréhension de l'écrit : développement et enseignement. May 10 5pm, Amphi de l'Europe, Room 304 Sart Tilman Parking P14.


Blood, Gore, and Video Games: Effects of Violent Content on Players. May 10, 2pm Building B32, Room Duykaerts Sart Tilman Parking P16.


May 10, 2016, Building B8, Sart Tilman Campus, Parking 15
Frédérick Philippe (Université du Québec à Montréal) Talk


Becoming the historian of oneself: How memories of the past and their structural levels direct behavior May 4, 2pm Building B32, Room Duykaerts Sart Tilman Parking P16.

APRIL 2016


«Conséquences de la double stigmatisation pour des patients âgés souffrant d'un cancer» April 27, from 2pm, Room François Duyckaerts (Building B32) Sart Tilman Campus parking 16


This prize is awarded every two years for one or more researchers who have made a significant contribution to medical science concerning elderly patients. Fabienne Collette (FNRS Research Director) is recognized for her research on Alzheimer's disease.

MARCH 2016


La communauté de pratique ECRIT: Dispositif collaboratif reliant habiletés de langage réceptif et pratiques enseignantes en compréhension de lecture au primaire. March 24 noon, Room Duykaerts, Building B32, Sart Tilman, Parking 16


Adaptive versus linear testing: selected examples from psychology, education and medicine. March 8, 2pm Building B32, Room Duykaerts Sart Tilman Parking P16.



Computerized Adaptive Multi-Stage Testing. February 17, 11am Building B32, Room Duykaerts Sart Tilman Parking P16.
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