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JUNE 2015


Development and applications of the early self-reference effect in memory June 9, 2pm Building B32, Room Duyckaerts, Sart Tilman Parking P16.

MAY 2015


The use of action observation priming for the facilitation of action execution and spatial perception in healthy and brain-damaged participants May 12, 2pm Building B32, Room Duyckaerts, Sart Tilman Parking P16.

APRIL 2015


On March 28, 2015 a ceremony took place in honor of each faculty new Ph.D. graduates and Honorary Degree recipients.


What are the links between the age of retirement and the age at which the onset of Alzheimer’s can occur? Catherine Grotz and an international team of researchers have revisited this question.


«Dopaminergic modulation of inhibition and cognitive control. A candidate-genes approach» April 24 from 9 am, Room François Duyckaerts (Building B32) Sart Tilman Campus parking 16


A film followed by a debate organized by the student union. April 1, TURLG, Quai Roosevelt, 4000 Liège

MARCH 2015

The human focus of attention and the childhood development of working memory.


By Nelson Cowan (Honoris Causa Doctorate) - Friday, March 27 at 12:30 pm. room Duyckaerts (Building B32 parking 16 Sart Tilman Campus).


Election of student representatives to the Faculty Board and the Student Council. Follow:


A training with Jacques PY (University of Toulouse le Mirail) March 23 from 9am to 1pm. Room Domat, Building B31, Sart Tilman Campus, Parking 16


"Terrorisme et sciences du comportement" March 18. From 10:30am to 12:30pm. Room Durkheim, Building. B31, Sart Tilman Campus, parking 16.


Drugs of Use or Abuse? On therapeutic indications and behavioral toxicity March 10, 2pm Building B32, Room Duyckaerts, Sart Tilman Parking P16.


A conference organized by profs Blavier and Glowacz. March 2, from 1pm, Place du XX Abut, 4000 Liège



The perceptual structure of written words: Where we are and where we go February 3, 2pm Building B32, Room Duyckaerts, Sart Tilman Parking P16.



Recollective confabulation in recognition memory - Déjà vu or not? January 27; Room Trifac II, Building B33, Parking 16, Sart Tilman
The Psychological and Speech therapy consultation center is organizing a series of public lectures that are open to the general public. Next lecture: Bilinguisme et immersion scolaire. Thursday, February 19 2015 by Martine Poncelet. Room Portalis, Building B31, Parking 16, Sart Tilman Campus
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