JUIN 2014


Next lecture: Pourquoi s’intéresser aux perceptions de justice lors de l’implémentation de changements organisationnels ? Tuesday, June 10 2014 by Laurence Marzucco.

MAI 2014


Why are auditory-verbal hallucinations negative? May 13, 2pm Building B32, Room Duyckaerts, Sart Tilman Parking P16.

AVRIL 2014


The Psychological and Speech therapy consultation center is organizing a series of public lectures that are open to the general public. Next lecture: Les préférences alimentaires : comment préserver son équilibre alimentaire et sa qualité de vie? De l'enfant à l'adulte. Thursday, April 24 2014 by Anne-Marie Etienne


Un second tour aura lieu le lundi 5 mai pour permettre à la communauté universitaire d'élire son prochain recteur: le Pr Albert Corhay ou le Pr Pierre Wolper.


This talk is cancelled # Recollective confabulation in recognition memory - Déjà vu or not? April 8, 2pm Building B32, Room Duyckaerts, Sart Tilman Parking P16.

MARS 2014


ULg is taking part in the ‘Les 15km de Liège Métropole’ race on Sunday 4 May. Wear the ULg’s colours and qualify for a reduced entry fee!


The ULg and ULB are organising actions to support Hamid Babaei and his wife. Meetings include 31 March and 2 April.


Re-contextualizing the hippocampus March 11, 2pm Building B32, Room Duyckaerts, Sart Tilman Parking P16.


Ageing can result in the decline of an individual’s “executive functions”. More specifically, this decline is due to poor transmission of information.


Slides and podcast can be accessed from our intranet



February 28, 2014 Symposium held in honor of Dr. Albert Demaret On the occasion of the reissue of his book Ethology and psychiatry


Some behaviours that we consider inappropriate may actually be rooted in our ancestral heredity: Albert Demaret's ideas are gaining renewed attention.


 A 10h00, salle François Duyckaerts (bâtiment B32) au Sart Tilman parking 16

«Le rôle des erreurs dans l’apprentissage. Une approche neuropsychologique et cognitive». February 20 from 10 am, Room François Duyckaerts (Building B32) Sart Tilman Campus parking 16


Ecological Intervention in semantic dementia: daily activities and new technologies February 19, 6pm Building B31, Room Raikem, Sart Tilman Parking P16.


Emotional and interpersonal impairments in alcohol-dependence: a neuroscience approach February 11, 2pm Building B32, Room Duyckaerts, Sart Tilman Parking P16.
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